Tyler Riewer obviously very strong My name is Tyler Riewer. I'm the Brand Content Lead at charity: water in New York City.

That means I tell stories on behalf of the organization and try to connect our supporters with the people we serve around the world.

I love clubs. And community. And creative problem solving (from puzzles and caption contests to improv and every episode of MacGyver ever). And I love that we live in a world with no creative limits but a demand for brands to do it for the right reasons.

This website is half-portfolio, half-glimpse into my soul. I hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
tylerriewer [at] gmail


This is some of the coolest, most inspiring or touching content that I've come across in the past year or two. Some of it you've seen before. All of it is worth revisiting.

The 'Busy' Trap NYT Opinion Piece by Tim Kreider
Guilt-inducing commentary on our need to stay busy. This article hits too close to home for everyone, but it's a damn good wake up call.

We're Creating a Culture of Distraction Talk/Article by Joe Kraus
Compelling talk on how we're (maybe inadvertently) training our minds to be less efficient -- and how phones, in particular, are stealing away the gaps in our day where we used to have moments of brilliance.

Ms. Augustine Greane Art Installation
My buddy Wes is an artist in San Diego and built a huge fort as an art installation last year. This link has photos and videos of everything. You need to see it. It's incredible -- and a good reminder that we should be catering more to our imaginations.

Make It Count Video
Casey Neistat's awesome and inspiring video for Nike Fuelband -- where he takes the video budget given to him and blows it on 10 days worth of "making it count."

Alex Preger's Cinematic Style Photography
Every shot looks like a movie frame. They're gorgeous photos.

NPR & Radiolab's 'Words' Video
Beautiful. You can’t help but smile. It’s the visual equivalent of solving a puzzle.

Budweiser's Hockey Game Surprise Video
From Super Bowl season in Canada -- Budweiser turned a regular ol' hockey league championship into a major sports event with everything from fans to commentators. The result is this emotion-stirring spot.

MOVE, EAT, LEARN Travel Video Series
You've seen these. You had to have. They're a year or two old at this point... but they are so freaking good.

This Wild Idea Website
Thuron Humphrey's journey across the U.S. interviewing and photographing different strangers in an effort to tell the stories of everyday people.

366 Random Acts of Kindness Blog
Ryan Garcia's mission to better himself and the world by doing good deeds for friends, strangers and anyone in need for an entire year.